No minimum durations or convoluted plans with obscure add on fees allow Nauset Management customers to create and drive a schedule that meets individual needs. With three levels of frequency that may be used in virtually any combination from month-to-month for any period of time, customers also enjoy the ability to alter, suspend or terminate service with as little effort as a phone call.

$ 50.00 Per Month – Bi-Weekly [2 Total Inspections Per Month]
$ 80.00 Per Month – One-A-Week [4 Total Inspections Per Month]
$ 140.00 Per Month – Two-A-Week [8 Total Inspections Per Month]

Last minute or planned occupancy during an otherwise scheduled inspection period is prorated from the monthly invoice with advanced notice. Regardless of individual schedules and frequency, home owners that are in a watch cycle rest assured that as needed and no-fee pre and post storm follow up inspections are all a part of the offering.

Properties listed for sale are subject to fee free one-a-week watch and management services for the life of the listing.

The following breakdown consists of unscheduled visits and alarm response fees. Unscheduled visits may include granting entry to a particular vendor, accepting a delivery or soliciting an improvement quote on behalf of an owner.

$ 25.00 Per Event – Unscheduled Visit [ 1 – 30 minutes*]
$ 50.00 Per Event – Unscheduled Visit [ 31 – 60 minutes*]
$ 40.00 Per Event – Alarm Response [5 a.m. – 5 p.m.*]
$ 80.00 Per Event – Alarm Response [5 p.m. – 5 a.m.]

*These fees are subject to time-and-a-half on holidays and weekends. By-in-large, these non-emergency duties are most often coordinated with a scheduled check thus discounting if not waiving the fee entirely.

Do you rent your second home during the summer months? Nauset Management offers change over inspections where specific duties range dramatically from one customer to the next. For some, this service is designed to simply assure that the home is in consistent condition for incoming renters. For others, detailed scopes such as replenishing propane tanks, coordinating linens or delivering keys are but a few of many examples. Availability for change over inspections is limited and exclusive to pre-existing Nauset Management customers.

$ 35.00 Per Inspection – Rental Change-Over

Regardless of whether or not a change over inspection is utilized, Nauset Management offers stand-by service for any needs which may arise from the owner, renter and Realtor alike.

If you are interested in rental coverage for the 2018 season, please call or email for availability, options and cost specifics. As availability diminishes, wait list status will be indicated here. The deadline to secure rental coverage for the 2018 season is May 15, 2018; to qualify, a service agreement must be received and confirmed no later than the deadline.