Year-to-year throngs of newly minted home watch and property management startups, or divisions of loosely related parent companies, come and go based almost exclusively on those groups professing to handle everything from gutter cleanings and landscaping to painting and angioplasty while actually trying to do it. I take an entirely different approach to service and support. While one stop shopping feigns convenience, lost in the offering is the contrast in pricing, talent and applicable licensing and insurance that may be required from one scope to the next.

More than two decades of commercial and residential construction experience in a supervisory capacity has afforded me both the benefit and misfortune of running across, through and over countless contractors, subs and vendors. In addition to a deep and diverse network of proven trades, there remain scores of area talent in every variety of discipline each properly licensed and insured.

I don’t markup sub contract labor, material or vendor fees. Unconventional perhaps but the underlying premise is that by forgoing  a mark up Nauset Management customers rest assured that their best interests are in my best interest in terms of quality, cost, responsiveness and by extension, customer retention. In addition, customers with preferred trades in any given capacity are never beholden to utilize an alternate party. I’ve met more than a handful of invaluable resources through my base over the years and again, speaking to service, my primary role is to identify and mitigate issues on behalf of my customers rather than hang 18% on the service call of another. Before pigeonholing yourself on talent and pricing under the guise of one-stop shopping, do yourself the service of looking into the vast pool of talent the area has to offer.

The following resources, many of which were developed and established prior to the creation of Nauset Management, are a phone call away for customers that may not have a dedicated contact in any number of disciplines.

Appliance Repair – Bobcat Service [3] – Carpeting – Carpet Cleaning – Chimney Sweep – Clean Out Containers – Construction, General & Frame [4] – Drywall – Electrical [3] – Engineering, Civil & Structural – Excavation [4] – Fencing [2] – Flatwork – Foundations – Garage Doors – Gas Burner Service – Gas Inserts – Gutters – Hardwood Flooring – Housekeeping [3] – HVAC [3] – Insulation – Irrigation [2] – Koi Pond Installation & Service – Landscape Construction – Landscape Maintenance [3] – Linens – Linoleum – Locksmith – Masonry [2] – Oil Burner Service – Painting – Paving – Pool & Spa Installation & Service – Pest Control – Pest & Animal Remediation – Plumbing [5] – Portable Toilets – Roofing [2] – Screen Repair & Fabrication – Seal Coating – Septic Installation [4] – Septic Service [2] – Sheds – Sidewall [4] – Snow Removal [3] – Surveying – Tile [2] – Trash Removal – Tree Removal – Well Drilling – Window Cleaning