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Eastham – WXTK and the Cape Cod Times are reporting that the police responded to an alarm call at a home on Ocean View Dr Sunday evening around 9:30 p.m… Upon arrival, officers found and subsequently arrested 44 year old Michael Hurley of Eastham.

According to both sources, Hurley was found holding a flashlight and a small shovel the latter of which was apparently used to gain access through a sliding glass door in addition to silencing, destroying, the alarm and various components.

Hurley was scheduled to appear in court Monday October 6 and those results have yet to be revealed.

Full and part time residents alike can take a few relatively inexpensive measures to help curb the appeal of a break in or the theft of outdoor items. The first step would be to switch out one or more outdoor light fixtures with motion activated units which of course removes the cover of darkness. Timers on various indoor lights is another cost effective presence. Some folks will have a first and second floor unit and sync the timing to simulate a garden variety bedtime routine. Another approach would be acquiring fake alarm units. These are simple boxes or faux cameras that have a small red light that will certainly last over a year on a single battery. Place in an area that may be seen from the outside looking in, these little lights offer the possibility of an alarm panel in the residence. By extension, there are a myriad of false albeit official looking alarm company window decals and yard placards that may also sour a thief.