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While no doubt still in its infancy, Nauset Management has unknowingly strayed into a niche segment of the home watch and property management market in the form of wellness checks. Over the past several years, a small handful of watch customers have touched base in regards to lending assistance in various capacities on behalf of elderly friends and family that reside on the Cape year round. Requests have ranged from coordinating and overseeing various trades, troubleshooting garden variety issues or simply stopping by periodically to ensure all is well the latter of which is most prominent during periods of adverse weather.

As most watch customers realize, these services when applied to their property are by-in-large a fee free courtesy. To date, this still fluid wellness option serves a half dozen year-round residents with friends and family who are current watch and property management customers of Nauset Management. Not unlike a garden variety watch property, each year-round resident has unique requirements but more importantly, there is a level of comfort realized knowing that there is a local outlet available should a situation present itself.

If you have a friend of family member that may benefit from Nauset Management being here when you can’t be, call today.