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With an unprecedented number of people making the trip to the Cape for Thanksgiving this year, I wanted to give everyone a heads up on the weather for Wednesday as if garden variety traffic and Stop and Shop in general aren’t enough of a challenge.

The latest report is calling for temperatures ranging from the low 30’s and topping out around 50. There is a 100% chance of rain which may mix with snow intermittently. Finally, winds out of the South/South East are expected with gusts topping out at 36 mph. If you have the luxury of travelling ahead of the mess, you may want to consider it.

I’ve taken a number of requests to turn up heat and snap on a few lights. Again, this service, available any time of year is a thank you not a line item so don’t be bashful. In addition, a majority of these visits coincide with an otherwise scheduled check which, as always, are prorated with advanced notice.

Wherever Thanksgiving finds you, enjoy.