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I’ve made a conscious point of never marketing from a perspective of fear. That said, issues left of center do happen. I recently had an off- schedule customer call to tell me that the fire department was in route to his home based on an alarm call. The alarm call was based on a fault with a preset low heat indicator which turned out to be valid based on the heat system having tripped out. The owner requested that I “try and get there before they break the door down.” Having arrived shortly after the fire department, I was relieved to find that one of the firefighters was adept at picking locks and an incredibly antique door had been spared. If your door is art or a freshly installed state of the art unit, do yourself a favor and call your local fire department and ask about a lock box. While loosely regulated, a lock box is required on homes with a hard wire alarm system. In Orleans, call the fire department at 508- 255-0050. The cost for a lock box is $ 47.81. In Eastham, call 508-255-2324 where the installation by a locksmith costs $ 95.00.