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Rental Management – For years, Nauset Management customers transitioning from an off-season home watch schedule into the rental season find the process both seamless and painless. There are no last minute surprises and frantic scrambles as otherwise trivial issues are proactively maintained or simply remedied as they occurred. All third party efforts from the spring cleaning, landscaping, irrigation turn on, AC service, window and pressure washing, switching out battery backups in the smokes and co detectors and the like are systematically coordinated and we’ve never missed a rental start. Nauset Management is on 24 hour stand by for the needs of our owners, their Realtors and renters alike.

At the other end of the spectrum is the home owner who may not be aware of the off season services or simply doesn’t care to take advantage of them. For years, I’ve been torn when faced with offering rental management services to existing watch/management customers exclusively or dipping a toe into the free lance waters; finally a definitive approach to the rental market has been established.

Overview – Be it home watch, construction management, watch/management or rental management, there are a number of points that set Nauset Management far ahead of the curve.

Restricted Service Area – Nauset Management services Orleans and Eastham exclusively. As the only properly licensed, bonded and insured company working in such a restricted area, response and remedy are both timely and efficient.

-As the original owner/operator, all calls filter directly through me as do any required coordinating efforts be it onsite or remote.

Live 24 hour support and response. Paid answering services and commuting emergencies to a more reasonable time are not in our business model. Live 24 hour support and response is standard for watch and rental management customers alike.

Cap on customer volume. In order to maintain the industry standard, a hard cap on both the watch and rental management properties is fiercely enforced. The Nauset Management model is based on quality of service verses a serviceable quantity of customers.

Background; To paraphrase the “About” link on this site, a vast background in residential and commercial construction not only solidifies the ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues but has also afforded the opportunity to develop a deep network of time tested trades for home owners who may be lacking in a particular area.

No mark ups; Nauset Management does not mark up sub contract labor assuring that your best interests are always in ours.

The issue with offering services to non watch/management customers has always been two-fold. The first is the unknown in regards to the conditions of the property, the owner’s supporting cast, service history, etc.. This certainly isn’t insurmountable but nevertheless a curve. The second, and far more pronounced is volume or demand. Working on a “will call” basis is an incredibly slippery slope in that it is near impossible to forecast back end support needs from month-to-month.

The disparity in pricing – Existing Nauset Management watch customers rest assured that resolution is never more than a phone call away. For onsite efforts, there is a $ 50.00 per hour charge 7 days a week. More often than not, onsite requirements are satisfied within a half hour in which case a $ 25.00 charge may apply.

Rental service for non watch/management owners work month-to-month. There is a flat fee of $ 100.00 due prior to the start of a service month. In turn, owners, Realtors and renters alike have live 24 hour access to Nauset Management. Fees for onsite service consist of $ 50.00 per hour/1 hour minimum Monday – Friday 7 a.m. – 5 p.m., $ 75.00 Monday – Friday 5 p.m. – 7 a.m. and $ 100.00 per hour Saturday & Sunday.

That said, and as watch/management customers will attest, Nauset Management is also in the business of customer retention which means that a considerable amount of rational and responsible thought goes into pricing on a case by case basis.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly.