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Right around this time each year, a time honored tango between home owners and vendors begins. We are currently crossing that threshold where trades begin to feel the heat of this looming and unofficial deadline while at the same time, home owners often times lean towards the notion that there’s still plenty of time.

Being well versed from all angles, particularly from a rental perspective where put offs and delays may impact the opening rental, I cannot overemphasize the upside of getting your ducks in a row sooner than later. I have long since lost count of how many people who have been both appalled and astonished when they pick up the phone in mid March only to be told that their sunroom, bath remodel or new deck simply can’t be done before this pivotal weekend. I say pivotal weekend tongue and cheek because while the weekend does serve as the unofficial start to the season, once it’s over, everyone goes back home for a month and vendors breathe a sigh of relief and more often than not, wrap up loose ends having obliged impossible deadlines. While there is a wealth of talent in our area across a broad range of disciplines, there is also a wealth of home owners. Supply and demand not only impacts the bottom line but also the schedule.

By default, Nauset Management home watch customers whose homes morph into rentals move into the new season ready to roll based on the preceding watch service where anything from a torn screen to water turn ons, to the initial housekeeping and landscape are on an automatic schedule. Rather than a plug for our services, this post is a courtesy heads up for new home buyers or for those who choose to go it alone.

A great place to start cultivating a list of area talent is with your Realtor. Another good source is a new neighbor which is also a great way to introduce yourself. Shop around and don’t stray blinding into a one stop shop as often times fees for various scopes tend to trend upwards as a quasi convenience tax. Currently, many Nauset Management customers are booked for at least 2/3rds of the season extending into September. A spike in this year’s demand may be attributed to the affects of hurricane Sandy on the Mid-Atlantic States. As recently as the current week, one of our preferred house cleaners as well as a preferred landscape maintenance contractor have filled their summer contracts.

As Memorial Day comes and goes each year, the same can be said for the hand wringing and last minute hurdles. Carve out some time and get a jump start on the season. Who knows, this may be the year you actually enjoy your home!