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For anyone keeping tabs on Joaquin, the Euro model appears to have been spot on yet again as the system looks to diminish and flame out somewhere in the area of 300-400 miles off the beach by the time it makes it this far north.

We saw a steady diet of mist to moderate rain throughout the day that persists amongst winds in the low to mid 20 mph range with occasional gusts over 30 mph. That said, if you’re watching the news and happen to look out the window here on the Cape, you may wonder whether or not you’re on the same planet but I assure you that even Brian Williams would take pause in glorifying the conditions on the ground.

A wind advisory will remain in effect until 11 a.m. tomorrow as coastal flood advisories come and go quite literally with the high tide cycles. The rain looks to subside late tomorrow afternoon while winds slowly diminish through Monday. There are no power issues on the board.