fee schedule

The following fee schedule is locked through September 1, 2024

Bi-weekly, one and two-a-week frequency of service is offered year-round in virtually any combination. Selected schedules may be altered, suspended or terminated by the property owner at any time.

Bi-weekly 2 total checks per month – $70.00 per month
1 Check per week 4 total checks per month $ 125.00 per month
2 Checks per week 8 total checks per month $ 220.00 per month

Requested/unscheduled visit 0 – 30 minutes $ 30.00 per event
Requested/unscheduled visit 30 – 60 minutes $ 60.00 per event

Alarm/service response* 5 a.m. – 5 p.m. $ 50.00 per event
Alarm/service response* 5 p.m. – 5 a.m. $ 80.00 per event

*This is a flat fee for response to an alarm or call. Unforeseen activity, to include but not limited to, temporary repairs, material, third party vendors, etc., may be subject to additional costs. These fees are doubled on weekends and holidays.

There is no upcharge for storm checks provided the event occurs during a month when the property is scheduled for service.

Homeowners may mix and match frequencies to create a customized plan to meet their needs.

Monthly invoices are prorated for occupancy with advanced notice.

No term limits: From an annual two-week trip to year-round service, homeowners are never pigeonholed into boilerplate contracts for specified windows of time. One document one time. A simple service agreement that begins each relationship continues from one season to the next while constantly subject to owner alterations.