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We are under a Winter Weather Advisory from 6 a.m. through 6 p.m. tomorrow which at this point is little surprise. Numbers vary from 3”-5” to 6”-8” but again this is not unlike negotiating one last piece of candy with a 6 year old on Halloween. As we eat it, wind chills dipping down to sub zero numbers will settle in this evening and if there is a silver lining to be had, it is the certainty that any snowfall will be incredibly light not unlike what we contended with today.

Everyone has power and through the most recent cycle, everyone has heat. #16 suffered an air bound gravity fed oil tank which was picked up in time to isolate the issue to a second floor shower valve that had split as a result of an interior temperature of 26 degrees. Before scrambling to find your number, the owners have been contacted several times throughout the day and again, the heat is back online. In this particular case, the house never lost power and air bound boilers aren’t predisposed to absurd temperatures and not unlike #16, several requests have come in to increase the frequency of checks. To be certain, the protocol at this stage is to simply grind through the route and re-start at the beginning yet typically, no fee follow ups normally are not predicated on temperatures below freezing.

With weather moving in tomorrow and a system no one is quite ready to discuss in detail teed up for the coming weekend this unprecedented cycle will continue for the foreseeable future as we look to peak at 33 Saturday and a warm tease of 38 on Sunday.