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A Tropical Storm Warning has been posted and the big change here is timing which is to say that conditions will most likely occur within a 36-hour window verses the 48-hour window which defines the typical Watch. Not unlike the week 1 Patriots run game, the latest track shows our being bumped on the edge before a reverse in course takes place.

Beyond that, little has changed in regards to the balance of details as sustained winds upwards of 40 mph are expected with gusts currently projected to blow in the 55-mph range.

The effort to stow potential UFO’s is an ongoing one and I would like to clarify that this process/supporting service, is a quick and dirty proactive one. I have received a couple of very detailed storage protocols that lean more toward something you might overhear Captain Stubing relaying to Gopher on the Lido deck rather than what may occur on our little scratch of land. I will circle back mid-day Tuesday.