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As we officially enter the beginning of the wind warning window, today’s rain has been relatively light although recent radar activity shows heavy pockets of precipitation moving in around 7 p.m. and offering brief breaks throughout the evening.

Reported gusts in our immediate area have ranged from 28-34 mph in the past hour. According to current projections, the strongest winds will ramp up in or around 1 a.m. Sunday and continue through mid-day Sunday when both the rain and wind are both expected to taper off. With the winds picking up over the past hour or so, sporadic power outages appear to be all but a certainty. With temperatures dipping into the low 40’s over the course of the storm, any outages will be an annoyance rather than a potential issue.

For anyone who has reached out since the initial update, all requests and concerns have been addressed. Depending on the departure time of the last of two systems, no fee follow ups will begin for anyone scheduled in either October or November in addition to those off-schedule who have made a request. Given the assumed progression of the storm, I will plan on a follow up mid morning Sunday.