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Should we flip the off switch now, the plow count metric would be spot on. That said, with winds picking up, albeit slightly, it’s difficult to gauge with any certainty which end of the 6” – 8” total accumulation range we’re at. Working through the halfway point of the warning window, conditions continue to lean heavily towards the wonderland verses end of days side of the coin although mentors of weather editors continue to scramble to find hazardous conditions in perilous locations in two wheel drive vehicles while emphasizing at nauseam the need for mere mortals to stay off the roadways.


There are and have been zero power outages on the board Cape wide and the winds thus far are less than advertised. The system looks to move off shore in and around the 1 a.m. mark and should the offerings remain consistent, we may top out at the 12” – 14” mark.


A couple words of caution for those on Cape or in route beyond the insightful weather editor contribution “take it slow.” The first would include noting winds chills dipping to zero and perhaps a tick below as we head into Sunday morning. Second, anyone with a natural or propane fuel source should be mindful of snow drifts on or around vents.


I’ll touch base in the morning in hopes of putting this one in the books.