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Currently NStar is reporting that 76% of Orleans customers and 26% of Eastham customers remain without power. Often time during these storms, the power comes and goes throughout the day. A house with power this morning or a house that never lost power could very well be without twenty minutes after we leave based on limb damage or NStar working through and shutting down common grids. Emails and text message are still coming in regards to the possibility of frozen pipes. Again, everyone’s heat was turned up either late Thursday or throughout the day on Friday. In the previous posting, I claimed that the median temperature was 52 degrees. The actual temperature is 58. These were based on inland homes where the heat was turned up to 62. Homes on the water that traditionally stagger in last in the power recovery effort were turned up to 72. We picked up maybe an additional inch of snow today. With the heavy wet snow we picked up early on, a crust was created on the surface. Subsequently, the lighter fluffier snow to follow simply didn’t stick but took on a snow globe affect. For some local neighbors reporting back to owners, I’d modify that to a very powerful snow globe affect. As we were turning up heat, we also kicked on an outside light or two. This simply tells us whether or not we’re back up and running or on to the next one. As the winds continue to lay down here, I anticipate having a full assessment by mid afternoon and I will post houses cleared perhaps every two hours or so.