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Mere hours after Charlie Baker implored visitors to flee the Cape, the cone of plausible deniability shifted notably to the west. Looking to straddle the NY/CT border, the current track is now slated to then take a hard right at Albany and move off into the Atlantic. The one common variable is uncertainty. Not unlike the new cone of uncertainty, who’s to say the professional biker adorned in spandex blanketed in fortune 500 companies signaling a clear right hand turn as a common motor vehicle would is going to stop at the 4 way or blow right through because now its just a bike? We just can’t be sure. That same uncertainty will carry us through Henri. Presently, albeit hot, it is a beautiful sunny day and all requested hatches have been battened. Several models are now calling for partly sunny skies with a narrow chance of rain over the middle of Sunday. As always, my role is to relay conditions on the ground which once in a tidal moon matches up with cyclone bomb throwing weather celebrity’s narrative but more often than not calmer locales are swept up in hyperbolic generalities.
Those new to the weather outlet should rest assured that no one takes adverse conditions more serious than yours truly. My venom and disdain for the breathless reporting and I dare say fearmongering is that perhaps sooner rather than later, we will get punched in nose and in spite of a responsible urgent tone, media outlets turn into the boy who cried wolf. Also know, should anything barrel through, plow over, batter, pummel or cripple the area, from bomb cyclone to thunder snow or whatever 2021’s word-of-the-day calendar has to offer, if I’m standing and have a signal, you will be the first to know.
For now, our most popular status has shifted to that of a tropical storm watch which is taken from the Latin wicked-windy-day-in-summah. Popular projections call for sustained winds in the 12-25 mph range with gusts topping out at 40 mph. I will circle back at first light with a run down of actual conditions. We do of course have the gratuitous, almost boilerplate, flood watches up though this go around conditions should be influenced by the above mentioned tidal moon. Until the morning…
Be well, be safe, and wells wishes to our friends to the west.