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Reported gusts have topped out anywhere from 49-55 and as the second of two systems descends on the Cape, it appears as though current conditions will persist through early afternoon. The second of the two low pressure systems is moving slower and in turn had more time to gain strength.

Intermittent rain continues carried by NNW winds in the mid to upper 30 mph range. Essentially, what we see is what we’re slated to get for a better part of the day.

Current power outages have Orleans at 199 and Eastham at zero. Rather than stirring the pot, the weather prophets are seemingly more concerned with game time conditions for today’s Patriots game which speaks volumes.

The current system looks as though it will move off an hour or two ahead of the 4 p.m. wind warning finish line. With limited daylight, there is no doubt that follow ups will continue into Monday with the primary concern being that of limb damage.