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A Winter Weather Advisory is set to kick off at 7 p.m. and will remain in effect until 10 a.m. Monday. Snow accumulations of 2”-4” are expected. Temperatures hover around freezing by Monday morning where they slowly decline into the mid 20’s throughout the day while winds increase into early evening. I’m confident that there will be no need to scavenge for that cheese and sausage sampler that may have found its way into Christmas stockings though I will follow up should conditions prove otherwise.

On October 1st, following a would be catastrophic/named storm [or “event” as it were] that barely mustered the strength to snuff out a wet Citronella candle; I took the opportunity to issue a lengthy check-down list of preventative measures heading into the off-season. Along with battery operated thermostat downfalls, fuel delivery protocols and garden variety hit or miss gadgets was a short section on maintenance.
While I have never marketed from a perspective of fear, I feel compelled to address an unprecedented number of “no heat” issues as of late; specifically, 23 since January 1. The causes range wildly from bad boards to valves and failed fittings to silly AA batteries. In addition to these 23 events, incidentally 4 more than all of last year combined, were a half dozen or so items that were picked up and rectified ahead of impending failure.

Most mechanical systems are, or should be, serviced annually. If a year has come and gone, I would encourage anyone that is not drained down to have their burner tech or oil provider review their system. If you do not have a dedicated service company and would like to have your system reviewed, please let me know and I’ll set it up.