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A winter storm warning has been posted and will run from 9 p.m. Sunday through 1 a.m. Tuesday and the projected weather during this window is truly a stretch in terms of achieving the criteria for a warning. Wind certainly won’t come close which leaves us with snow projected to be in the area of 5”-8”.

Our window of snow looks to begin around 1 a.m. Monday morning where snow showers evolve into a few hours of heavy snow ending around 9 a.m. as temperatures climb into the upper 30’s kicked off with a brief period of heavy rain. Mid day temperatures hold above freezing during consistent moderate rain throughout late afternoon as we plunge back down to the teens and 20’s with snow showers likely.

I don’t believe this rollercoaster system warrants a panic run on Spam and water purification tablets but I do expect a prolonged push and shove with ice and general access. The “Nauset Management Travel Advisory” remains in effect. There are a notable number of properties that would no doubt require heavy equipment to liberate driveways. While this may be coordinated it is costly and the wait time is anywhere from 2-3 days. I’ve cashed in a little magic in cases where fuel levels were dwindling but I continue to suggest weighing the intent of the trip before writing the check.