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It may not deliver the end of days’ punch many had preached and yearned for yesterday but the now post tropical cyclone still sounds pretty cool.

Approximately 325 miles off Ocean City MD, the system continues to track East North East before the go forward trend lends about as much clarity as a political platform.

“The storm is expected to turn northeast before likely moving northward to northwestward through Monday. It’s then expected to meander northeast, beginning to exit the Northeast US coast sometime Wednesday.

What has remained a constant is today having shaped up to be arguably one of the gems of 2016 to the extent that one regional weather prophet actually waxed apologetic earlier today for her contribution to the early exodus of vacationers.

The sun continues to dominate the sky and winds are in the area of 8-12 mph with occasional gusts topping 15. The ENE track and an overall decreased speed of the system push the anticipated wind and rain out to early Monday morning. Sustained winds look to creep up to the 28 mph mark by dawn while previously indicated periods of “downpours” have been revised to “rain” where overall totals are now leaning towards 1”-2.” Wind gust forecasts range from 35 up to 50 mph depending on where you look and while terms such as dire and life threatening seem destine to go back into mothballs with the network affiliate windbreakers, we may see some nuisance limb damage and pockets of power issues.

All requests for hatches to be battened are complete.

Unless preempted by deteriorating conditions, I will plan on circling back early – mid morning Monday although all indications seem to be pointing towards that before mentioned mild Nor’ Easter model.