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Funny how its always the “system” or “event” that don’t come with a gender neutral name and sensationalized for a week by a guy in a windbreaker chained to a telephone pole that always seem to be the biggest nuisance.
As illustrated by the track of the beast below noted at 10 p.m. Wednesday evening, the heart of this wind event centered on the Upper Cape as several schools are closed for the day based presumably on power issues as I myself put seagull feather to ink well here on this very draft at 6:20 a.m..

Perhaps the strongest winds of 2019, if not recent years, revved up shortly after midnight and along with pockets of downpours, this first significant storm of the season made its way out of town around 5 a.m.. That said, gusts persist upwards of 40 mph under brightening skies which of course create perfect conditions for drying out fairways and greens with speed and efficiency. As of 7:22 a.m., Orleans is reporting 1399 outages as Eastham weighs in at 232. There are no glaring reports nor were there signs of any widespread tree damage during my quick sample this morning but I will plan on circling back in a few hours with better detail.

Here in real time [8:57 a.m.] having located a signal in our 17th century village, the sun is blazing and gusts are still flirting with 40 mph though all of the weather related issues I’ve seen thus far are downed nuisance branches.

Currently, outages in Orleans stand at 2559 and Eastham has bumped up to 425 each no doubt based on prescribed terminations for repairs.