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Thursday and Friday are here and details are coming into focus. A Winter Weather Advisory is up and runs from 1 p.m. this afternoon through 7 a.m. tomorrow morning.  This go around, the Cape is looking at 2”-4” overnight while those over the bridge look to get a bit of a reprieve.

Temperatures are currently in the mid 20’s and those numbers look to remain constant through tomorrow morning where we dip into the lower teens with wind chill factors ranging in the single digits above and below zero. Woven into the riveting analysis, weather narrators are advising anyone making a run for the Cape this weekend to wear a hat.  While I’ll defer to them in regards to the common sense items, I would strongly advise confirming the conditions of your driveway before making the trip.

The larger and looming issue comes into play Saturday afternoon and early evening where early indications show a set up for potential blizzard conditions which may adorn the landscape with an additional 6”-12” of snow as bitter temperatures and wind chills persist.

For well over a week now, I’ve been conducting the orchestra of Bobcats, snow blowers, front end loaders, fuel trucks and HVAC techs as needed predicated primarily on low fuel levels. Gratuitous plowing may be wedged into the mix but I feel compelled to stress that unless or until you have an access emergency, the cost and effort associated with what has essentially become ice remediation is notable.

For anyone coming out this weekend, you may want to throw a couple loaves of bread on the dog sled as the traditional Sunday departure trek may be impacted. I will plan on following up Friday afternoon as the back end of this round come into view.