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Although Chicken Little has taken on more of a Paddington Bear persona since the Warning window kicked off at 9 a.m., winds have begun to kick up as a steady rain is falling.


Armed with pocket defibrillators and paper bags, heads of extreme weather centers are still imploring millions to hide in bathtubs and hold kids back a year rather than return to school this year as we are assured to be pounded, battered, crushed and hammered by a Monster and newcomer to the weather cliché manifesto, Winter Whiplash the latter of which had me perplexed most of the morning until an increasing neck pain attributed to my constant head shaking revealed the assumed meaning.


The current temperature is 39 and falling with the bulk of precipitation now looking to arrive late this afternoon – early evening when the otherwise fast moving system remains poised to deposit “inches of snow per hour.” Speculation still swirls around 14” of accumulation; a total which has already be dealt with this year. That said, several sources adhering to this total are also proclaiming this storm to be “the worst we’ve seen since 2015” which some might recall was way back when we were trying to manipulate rabbit ears with a roll of economy tin foil in order to catch the back end of a Bruins game on channel 38.


While there is little doubt that the wind will in fact blow and snow will eventually arrive, they will do so under conditions that are no stranger to the area. Given the timing of the revised storm peak, I will plan on a follow up around 8 p.m.