774.353.8668 [email protected]

The heaviest winds tapered off notably shortly after 5 p.m. and the system moved off shore shortly thereafter though winds look to continue to blow in the mid 25 – 30 mph range over the next several hours with gusts in the low to mid 40’s. In terms of snow totals, I would be comfortable saying 7” – 9” of heavy snow which has contributed to significant power outages on the upper and mid Cape while albeit comparatively smaller numbers in our area which will of course trigger storm follow ups in spite of the board showing zero outages.

I have received two direct reports from Nauset Management customers regarding known outages and those properties will be addressed this evening. I will follow up periodically as any additions to the outage board and/or specific houses are cleared so that we might settle in for the next round on Sunday.

Last, 774-216-1718 is the emergency line which is a simple call and answer flip phone affair which sends text messages into a black hole. If anyone has general outage information or a garden variety inquiry, please email, call or text 774-353-8668.