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With just under 500 outages on the board, I’m aware of three in the flock contributing to the count and those were being attended to by power crews just a few hours ago. That said, there are a handful of properties checked at the front end of the first round of follow ups that I’d like to confirm in the morning but we’re closing out a peach of a day where blue skies and an almost obnoxious sun competed for the spotlight amidst temperatures in the lower 40’s. If you turned on a backpack blower, lawnmower and blew an occasion horn with your eyes closed, you’d be hard pressed to tell which day it was between Memorial and Columbus Day.


Late Friday and early Saturday promise temperatures in the low to mid 20’s before highs and lows each head north of the freezing mark for several days.


For the superstitious type, particularly those allergic to odd numbers, I give you storm #4 setting up for a Tuesday/Wednesday arrival. Anyone claiming to have all the details on this round, five days out, should certainly head down to your local convenient store and load up on Powerball tickets though the professional prophets are forecasting lows in the low to mid 30’s with a 70% likelihood of precipitation in the form of snow.


Stay tuned…