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Squinting against the sun through the crack in the storm cellar hatch, today didn’t seem nearly as bad as yesterday sounded. A mid-morning radio report noted that “over a dozen trees were reported as having fallen Cape wide yesterday.” This assessment lines up with far more accuracy than yesterday’s multiple third party reports where the term “microburst” was used more than since one actually occurred in 2005. Not to be outdone, a multi translated report through the local soccer mom network stated that a portion of structural steel had ripped from the Sagamore Bridge making travel an uncertain proposition. Today, the most recent version is that traffic was diverted to the Bourne Bridge when a light posted fell across the travel lanes.

There are some nuisance limbs down here and there and no doubt a few that probably need one more round of weather to shake loose but thus far and in spite of many a flashing clocks, only one no heat issue has been discovered and in this case the situation predates any weather related issue. By the very nature of the route, I’ve noted a couple limbs down in the driveways of two January starts. In addition to these isolated issues, I will double back directly to anyone impacted going forward.