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The Winter Watch has been upgraded to a Blizzard Warning which will be in effect until Friday at 11 a.m… The criterion for a Blizzard Warning includes sustained or frequent wind gusts over 35 mph with considerable falling, blowing and/or drifting snow where whiteout conditions are expected at times.

Currently, we have a light spitting snow expected to pick up in throughout the day. The largest accumulations are still expected later this evening and into Friday morning.

Although in substance the expectation of a lighter fluffier snow persists, we are not expected to realize temperatures north of freezing until Sunday. In turn, interior temps will continue to be bumped up this morning.

I would also note that earlier this Fall, an unprecedented proactive effort took place in regards to limbing on and around utility lines throughout the area. Save for snow, the conditions we’re looking at being on par with our previous Fall – Winter Storm Watch in early December.

I would also note that a storm several years ago, which dumped upwards of 2’ of light/fluffy snow, resulted in spotty outages to include cable service during a Patriots playoff game. In turn, while I realize many are concerned, this in not projected to be your typical heavy, dense New England snow. Stay tuned…