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First and foremost, I’ve received many well wishes over the past couple of days and I sincerely hope that no one misconstrues a lack of response with a lack of appreciation as it is purely a case of logistics. I thank you.

Anyone that has been following my input, in addition to the garden variety outlets, may have noticed that I opted to steer clear of the casual use of “catastrophic” and “historic” and quite frankly, I’m happy to proclaim that such a classification would have been a gross overreach if not irresponsible. Conversely, we are indeed experiencing blizzard conditions by definition with a steady diet of wind and snow on tap for the balance of the day. Given what we’ve seen stacked up against prevailing forecasts, any further contributions on behalf of Mother Nature should pertain almost exclusively to power outages as there have been zero indications of structural damage.

Snow totals thus far range from 6” – 14,” submitted presumably by recreational fishermen, as it is all but impossible to determine an accurate reading given the high and swirling winds currently averaging 44 mph with gusts recorded periodically in the 60+ mph range.

As of moments ago, Orleans is reported to have 160 customers without power and Eastham weighs in with 5.

Going forward, winds look to persist throughout the day peaking mid-day in the 45-48 mph range for several hours. The temperatures remain slated to climb into the upper 30’s yet wind chill projections give the air a feels like rating in the lower 20’s which of course speaks to the reduced if not entirely dismissed, window of rain previously forecasted. Heavy bands of snow are now on tap for later on today and appear to reduce to snow showers early this evening through early Wednesday morning.

Given the current conditions, follow ups will begin first thing Wednesday and I must reiterate that when considering the weather and approach taken leading up the this storm, we have plenty of breathing room going forward.

Utilities permitting, I will again follow up end of day. Be safe.