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We saw a fairly consistent albeit fine/wet snow for most of Monday which topped out at around an inch of total accumulation in and around convoys of plows transferring slush from one driveway to the next.

The overnight had been advertised as hit or miss in regards to additional snowfall and for those that have taken on the persona of Jack Nicholson from The Shining, I’m happy to report this particular system was a non factor in our immediate area.

Using schools as a barometer in regards to snow band tracking, Plymouth is closed, Barnstable has a two hour delay and Nauset is business as usual.

As indicated by news networks transitioning over to a two person weather team format rather than using the standard one-man doomsday preacher, Thursday and Friday may be sending two separate systems our way.

This current issue at hand is monitoring and reacting to oil levels in regards to unplowed driveways. Liberating driveways under these conditions is not a cost friendly exercise and among the few properties that were dwindling, each has been addressed case-by-case while holding out for pockets of melting for those who have a ways to go.

Regardless of what Thursday and Friday may bring in terms of snowfall [currently speculated to be in the area of 4″-8″], temperatures will begin to dip Wednesday evening setting up several days of highs in the single digits and teens with lows in the single sub zero range. Over the past two days, anyone relying on oil is confirmed as having a comfortable supply going forward. On the low end, I anticipate a two week window given the conditions and similar to last week, the access issue will be approached on a case-by-case basis.

For all the temperature tweaking, sustained outages, follow ups and burner flame outs over the past few weeks, I’m pleased to report that all Nauset Management customers pulled through incident free and I am most appreciative of everyone’s trust and patience.

Finally, I realize that the coverage over the bridge projects a need for air dropped supplies and Sherpa’s and no doubt they have endured a significant amount of snow in a short period of time. That said, I cannot overemphasize the definition and impacts created through band lines and ocean effect snow from town-to-town let alone 60-90 miles away. We’ve realized sufficient pockets of melting over the past two weeks which of course create poor driving conditions but on the upside, these breaks have diminished, if not eliminated concerns over snow loads on rooftops or stressed limbs and branches.