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As follow ups continue, I wanted to let everyone know that while outages were remarkably low yesterday, due in large part to our having never satisfied the “Blizzard” criteria, outages were a memory by nightfall. From mid-day yesterday to the present, I would estimate that approximately 50% of kitchen clocks were flashing and in those cases, heat never skipped a beat as the mechanicals came back online.

Sample houses: For relative newcomers and competitors alike, I have several houses that are drained and powered down in September/October and during periods of sustained outages, I will use these properties as a bench mark. As of this morning, the standing average temperature was 34 and of course the water bottle in each was 100% fluid. While 34 may seem too close for comfort, bear in mind that these properties aren’t coming down from ambient temperatures of [insert your setting here] but have been cold for months.

Plowing: There hasn’t been a single case of hiking in as compared to the weeks of forced marches last year so as always, don’t write a check to the plow guy on my account as much as it is appreciated. Going forward, I feel quite comfortable in wrapping up this round of weather in terms of subsequent dialogue. We have a couple of isolated squalls lined up for tomorrow and Thursday with the possibility of a small storm moving in over the weekend but for now we can snuff the candles and toss the leftovers. Until next time…