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Though hardly compelled to start gathering animals two-by-two such as a few weeks back but I, like many, have received the dreaded Flash Flood Watch memo. While I always launch a yarn whenever a watch or warning of any shape or size is issued, the flash flood rarely made the cut but rather disappeared into obscurity like a side of seasonal vegetables flanked by a lobster and great cut of beef. In an area where a flock of seagulls colliding with a tidal moon will most often trigger a Flood Watch, I understand, having spent a few days straight soaking wet courtesy of the last round in the pursuit of tending my flock, that water is front of mind.

A Flash Flood Watch simply means that conditions may pool their resources and create a flash flood. I’ve been on a Powerball Winner Watch for several years now.

Thunderstorms, garden variety as well as the scattered version, are on tap for most of the 24-hour watch window which runs from Wednesday at 6 a.m. through Thursday at 6 a.m…. Going back as far as a month, this event would have ended up on the cutting room floor if acknowledged at all but again, I understand that Mother Nature has been busy the past couple of weeks and after a few inquiries, it only seemed right to kick off the conditions link early this season.  While no doubt a wait and see affair, if you agree to wait, I’ll let everyone know what I see.