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This morning, each property that isn’t drained or on generator back up had the heat pushed up. We’ve had a fairly steady diet of rain for most of the day yet the winds have subsided substantially. The wind advisory has been amended to 4 p.m. today as winds should diminish to the low to mid 20 mph mark through tomorrow morning.

In terms of outages thus far, Eastham capped out at 12 which have since been resolved. Currently, Orleans is reported to have 48 outages.

There is a marginal amount of nuisance limbs and debris down and property specific, a handful of roof leaks, a failed zone valve and a yard gnome with an apparent dislocated shoulder were noted. Save for the gnome, I will follow up directly with those affected by the balance as they have been remedied in the short term.

Tomorrow morning the cycle will repeat in reverse where temps will be dialed back upon confirmation of power, heating systems reviewed as well as a cursory exterior walk around.