Wednesday – 12/16/20 – 6:32 a.m.

In 4 – 8 months I will be announcing a rate increase in the area of $ 200.00 – $ 400.00 but please stay tuned as these variables may change.


Of course its preposterous and with that, I give you another season of epic battles with weather editors and celebrities. As most are aware, regional outlets are rolling the Storm Center or Extreme Weather Center backdrops into the same room where the prophets use their magic eight ball on garden variety days throughout the year. At the same time, radio stations are dialing the technology back in order to harness that heart stopping ham radio tone of voice. Funny how the teenager at the Wendy’s drive through is adorned with $ 20k in audio equipment but the end of days can only be delivered through an empty coffee can.


For relative newcomers, rest assured that I do not have a mixing bowl attached to cable wire on the top of Nauset Management’s headquarters so that I may cultivate data and convey an alternate perspective on the forecast. I am not a weather editor but I am in the business of calm and reassurance and with that, now over a decade old, Nauset Management’s weather musings are designed to convey to it’s part-time homeowner base, what is actually occurring on the ground vs the breathless speculation usually originating out of Boston, New York or what Aunt Millie saw on her local channel on the other side of the country.


In recent weeks we’ve dipped below freezing on a number of occasions and in equal doses endured several rounds of winds capping out between 50 and 60 mph. Missing from these events are terms such as Nor’ Easter which conjure up images of The Perfect Storm when in fact it’s a term based on wind direction. Next is snow; precipitation in an alternate form based on temperatures at various levels of the atmosphere. When Mother Nature is acting a bit bipolar if you will, we have sleet. Skewing these variations of precipitation is of course the ocean effect where it is not uncommon to see dramatic differences in conditions from one town to the next often in very narrow bands. When TV and radio ratings dip deeper into the season, we’ll discuss the polar vortex and bomb cyclones.


Walking into the office this morning at 4:30, it was 27 with a feels like temperature hovering in the mid-teens, ah real data. Anyone with outside water on can rest assured it is indeed frozen yet it doesn’t seem as ominous as it might had it occurred after A Mighty Nor’ Ravages The Coast, same conditions scarier terms. With all of that said, we most certainly realize our fair share of adverse weather which is one of the many reasons why Nauset Management is entering her 23rd season in service and to be sure, we take that weather quite serious and while I will never cease ripping into those 110 lb on scene correspondents in their network windbreakers tethered to a telephone pole near a local beach compelling the village idiots to stay indoors based on their lack of experience, you can rest assured that you will be up to speed on exactly what is occurring on the ground.


For any number of reasons, Nauset Management customers, some in fact long since retired here, actually look forward these updates. For some it may be a source of amusement, for others a confusing rant but for most, the sentiment seems to be that if I have time to tamp down the results from the apocalypse of the day or compel people to stow that backup Spam and box of candles, it can’t be all bad and more often than not it isn’t. However nondescript, these as needed weather updates are notably shorter though yet with a recent surge in our customer base, I did want to give a lay of the land to those newcomers. These updates, delivered throughout periods of adverse conditions, are sent to customers and subscribers via Constant Contact and depending on the severity of a given event posted on the Nauset Management website. Subscribing is as easy as unsubscribing and with that, I give you the weather.


The current consensus is that winds in the area of 20-45 mph will bring with it 4-8 inches of snow backed up by the standard “conditions may change” disclaimer. Based on forecasted temperatures alone, common sense tells us that most will be asleep during the window of snowfall during the overnight and wake to a mix if not straight rain as temperatures climb to 39 over the course of the day. As mentioned over the years, there are local ques often far more accurate than topflight technology. For instance, swans in town cove typically signal rain while the number of private plow trucks in local package store parking lots between 3 and 4 on the day of an event usually result in the number of inches i.e. 3 trucks 3 inches of snow though for the many remaining here this off season, be warned that these markers are not always accurate with the first event of the season as tensions, anticipation and subsequent adrenaline typically run higher.


My focus with this one will be on any heavy snow and resulting power outages though the changeover to rain looks to be a quick one couple with temps climbing out of the freezing range this evening, potential interior issues are a non-factor. Unless we realize concerning conditions beyond the forecasts, I will circle back in 24 hours with what looks to be the final chapter on this round.


Very Best,