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The blizzard warning remains in effect through 1 p.m. today. Thus far, we’re looking at conditions similar to our last notable storm. We have a very light blowing and drifting snow which makes reports of 4 ½” of accumulation fairly speculative. While gusts occasionally approach the 50 mph mark, the sustained winds are a bit tamer than our last round. Nstar is reporting zero outages and there are no indicated concerns in regards to notable flooding.

The forecast is calling for upwards of 5” of additional accumulation today before pushing off shore. While the sun will in fact come out tomorrow, we’re looking at a steady diet of temps ranging from the teens to mid twenties for the next several days.

Two big indicators that should lend some relief is that the news outlets are actually managing to wedge some semblance of non-weather related content into their broadcasts and each of the news outlet’s smallest weather reporter is tethered to telephone poles in the south shore area verses the Cape which is always a solid benchmark as to where the strongest bands are tracking.

Stay tuned…