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Far be it from me to jump on a moment of levity but tremendous hats off to 97 for pouncing on an autocorrect gone sideways. Indeed we all hope that those in Eastham do not injure themselves during any crochet activity. This certainly takes the air out of the croquet reference last time around. For your quick wit and courage under adverse conditions in Florida, you will assuredly be checked at some point this week.

Having been out for an hour or so, plow crews have stepped up the pace, if not started from scratch, under a very light flurry and notably diminished winds which essentially restored any efforts made yesterday to their original state. Prior to heading out I ran through the call list of those who maintain landlines to get a jump on the outage status and while the sample is moderate and the outages low, it is a solid indicator as to which areas are currently impacted. The official tally is 379 in Orleans and 92 in Eastham which speaks to the current accessibility issues.

Drifts that have formed overnight range from an inch to 4’ which will most definitely make the ongoing follow up a grind so please be patient. As the heat was kicked up during the proactive round, a light was also turned on to of course indicate electric status without having to hitch up a dog team at each property. Once the power is up, burners are confirmed and upon further consideration, I’m going to keep the current temperature settings in place. As repairs continue and the various grids are powered on and off as a result, we may trip out a furnace or two so again, we’ll keep the ambient heat in play for the short term. Regardless of today’s findings, an additional follow up will be conducted Thursday at which time the temps will be dialed back.

I will issue another update between 11 and 12.