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A wind chill advisory has been posted and runs from 5 p.m. Wednesday through 10 a.m. Thursday. In between educating the masses as to what to wear when it gets cold out, the weather narrators are calling for a wind chill range in the area of -13 – -25 degrees. A wind chill advisory is posted when conditions are expected to hover in the -15 – -24 degree range for three hours or more.

Today’s temperatures are expected to move up into the middle 20’s from the current 18 degree reading yet westerly winds in the area of 16 – 25 mph throughout the day will make these temps feel more like upper single digits.

We’ll find the lowest temperature projections around 7 a.m. Thursday where 8 degrees has been forecasted.

Beyond the advisory, there is really no particular condition that would otherwise trigger an update. However, I’ve had a number of inquiries since mid-day Tuesday in regards to bumping up heat. In situations where power outages are even a remote possibility, everyone’s heat is in fact dialed up a day or two ahead of time in order to pick up an extra day of ambient heat in the event of an actual outage. As the owner and founder of the drama free winter coalition, no one takes these conditions as seriously as I do. That said, kicking up the heat may please a few mice as well as your fuel provider but at the end of the day we’re simply giving the burners a little extra practice. Conversely, I will gladly accommodate any requests to the contrary.

Temperatures are slated to climb into the mid 30 degree range by Friday morning.