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We’re done.

While hopelessly superstitious, I’ve lost count of follow ups and mid day today, we rotated back into a structured schedule and by all indications, we’ve come out the other side. The remaining business at hand includes monitoring what is now a handful of oil dependent customers that are being liberated as supply diminishes to include three who are receiving a steady diet of fuel carried in by hand to stem that tide for what are four and five day lead times for delivery in addition to mitigating access to driveways if not secondary roads. Anyone with a quarter tank of fuel or less has been directly contacted and we’ll continue to weigh any projected thaw with supply and of course plowing for those next in line.

While we have hit or miss weather on tap for the weekend, there’s still time to take a moment to tip a hat. While I receive the lion’s share of back slaps quarterbacking the talent around me, there is no doubt that without the consistent, immediate and most certainly repeated response time and time again from Richard at Snows, Jim and his crew at McDonnell Mechanical, Scott Dugas Plumbing, Peter at LaBranche Landscaping, Will Sullivan of Sullivan Landscaping and Josh Alexander rounding out the snow remediation roster, there is little doubt that more than a handful would have most certainly run up on the rocks two or three rounds ago.

On a much lighter note, and as always, I greatly appreciate the well wishes, offers to tack on February’s invoice and one marriage proposal. From those who have been with me since the beginning to those who jumped on board somewhere in between the +/- month long grind, my appreciation for your faith and trust and is immense. It is my sincere hope that we might give this forum a break for the foreseeable future.