Losing a management customer has always felt like a high school break up as more often than not, those who have been with me for a couple years seem more like friends while those creeping up on a couple decades fit more of a family role. As most seller represented sales originate from my management base, that loyalty through longevity makes the process a very personal one for me. As traditional agents and brokers walk clients down the applicable paper trail, I work with my customers from the listing to assisting with moving logistics, coordinating cleaners, applicable trades and of course buttoning up the details through closing all while waiving watch/management fees for the life of the listing. On the less somber side of the table is buyer representation where customers enjoy a seamless transition through and beyond closing. New buyers purchasing a second home all but exclusively retain management services in some form or fashion while taking full advantage of my deep network of area trades and vendors.

On the rental front, Nauset Management has been manning the front lines for almost 20 seasons of, well, human frivolity. During that time, I’m often asked what Nauset Management’s primary role is in regards to rentals and in essence, I would best describe the endeavor as being a catch all for every conceivable issue and in turn making those problems go away. Not unlike a general management role, Nauset Management will put the right people in the right place whenever human nature and the rental process trade paint in the middle of the intersection whether those trades are owner provided or culled from a proven stable of sub contract labor.

If you’re buying, selling or dipping a toe in the rental waters, I can assure you that no one will work harder while providing expanded resources and services well beyond the purview of a traditional Realtor than I.

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