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How many people will have access to my home?
Since 1998, in sickness and in health, I am the only person that enters a property alone. In cases where owners make the request, lockboxes or keys are provided for area trades. From buying to selling and watch/management services in between, you will enjoy one point of contact.
Do you offer discounts for multiple properties?
Any primary owner of two or more properties receives 25% off fixed monthly rates at any frequency.
What does one owner home watch company mean?
Nauset Management unwittingly began in 1998 as a non profit favor that evolved into a word-of-mouth standalone business. In a market where customers are routinely bought and sold amongst loose fitting parent companies, the Nauset Management model and philosophy remains largely unchanged in that my base has shaped it through slow and steady growth.
How often do your rates change?
The current rates reflect the fourth rate change since 1998. As indicated on the fee link, these rates are fixed through September 1, 2022. Such as previous increases, a notice will be issued in April of 2022 indicating any changes. The purpose of the lengthy lead time is to give those who may be inclined to seek an alternative, ample time to do so.
Do you have yard signs?
No. Unlike traditional alarm companies, home watch signs are a glaring indication that the home is most likely vacant. Aside from marketing purposes, these signs also serve as indicators for staff or vendors that may be unfamiliar with the property. In either event, from a customer’s perspective, there is zero upside to this practice.
Do you check homes in the summer?
Nauset Management is a year-round service. A good number of customers that don’t rent during the summer months either suspend service or dial back the frequency of visits and suspend service whenever they plan on visiting.
What does HIC mean?
In regards to the home watch business, absolutely nothing. The acronym refers to home improvement contractor. Also referred to as HIL or home improvement license, this is a state managed safety net program offering restitution to home owners that encounter difficulty in recovering funds following a court issued judgment against a contractor or handyman. In a home improvement capacity, and amongst the criteria for a home owner to qualify, one must prove that the property in question is the primary residence. Further information on this subject can be found in the credentials link.
What is a MA State Police Watch Guard Patrol License?
This is a state requirement for anyone engaging in or advertising to be performing home watch duties. An exception exists for companies and individuals that do not possess keys and perform exterior checks exclusively. Applicants must submit a license bond, three character references, submit to an extensive background check and complete a live interview. Going forward, licensees may be subject to audit and are required to report any new employees that will have access to properties. As a condition of annual renewal, a refreshed background check is conducted. To confirm an active watch license, contact the MA State Police Certification Unit at 978-538-6128.
What is the minimum duration for service?
No minimum durations or schedules named for landmarks allow Nauset Management customers to create their own terms be it frequency of visits, months, or weeks of service. In addition, customers may alter, suspend or terminate service with as little effort as a phone call.
Do you document visits?
Customers receive a month-ending statement consisting of the dates and times of each inspection. In addition, notable activity to include vendor visits, storm checks or requested response is indicated.
Does service automatically renew?
Each customer relationship with a comprehensive service agreement. This is a straight-forward two page agreement that consists of your preferred, if any, vendors, contact information and the initial service schedule you design. Unless or until you alter or terminate your schedule, your service will continue annually. Each monthly statement reflects the owner’s current service schedule.
Do you make additional checks after storms?
Any Nauset Management customer with an active schedule is subject to as needed no fee pre and post storm follow ups. Working in Orleans exclusively affords owners the peace of mind that comes with notion that Nauset Management is always, quite literally, just around the corner. In cases of sustained power outages, its not uncommon for properties to be checked several times in a 24 hour period.
What do you consider a storm to be?
The common misconception is that a mountain of snow is a big deal. The big issue on the Cape is wind, particularly wrapped around freezing temperatures. Some companies will set a bench mark for snow accumulation, wind speed, power outages or, believe it or not, leave the decision to the owner most often if not exclusively subject to a fee. For me, the criteria for a storm is subjective and most certainly predicated on any number of variables. A sustained power outage in September is a nuisance while mid February is a bit of a gut check.
How can I find out information about my home after a storm?
“If you don’t hear from us, all is well.” This absurd quote actual exists in a leaflet and is used in summary elsewhere. Peace of mind is the bedrock of engaging someone to watch/manage your property. When nasty weather settles in, you can almost hear the Boston and national weather pundits breathing into paper bags. As my base grew, it didn’t take long to realize that refuting hysterical claims was eating into production. Created for one of my original customers, the Conditions link, also available via Constant Contact, keeps customers in the know before, during and after a round of adverse weather. I take a tongue and cheek approach to conveying conditions which lends a tremendous comfort and equally important, relays actual conditions rather than sensational generalizations predicated on the hardest hit area in the region.
Check out and subscribe to the Conditions link today.
We’re planning on being on the Cape for a wedding this Fall and have house checks scheduled. Will someone still come by?
No. If the property is occupied during a period where it would otherwise be checked, and provided prior notice is given, the check and corresponding fee are waived from the month ending statement. Owners may alter, suspend or terminate service at their discretion with as little effort as a phone call.
What do you look for during an inspection?
I make it a policy to not illustrate an exhaustive bullet list of common sense items because it underestimates the customer’s intelligence. Time and time again I see this keeping up with the Jones’ approach between companies outdoing one another with volumes of creative quips such as check outdoor shower for cobwebs. While, locks, temperatures, alarm/heat settings as well as fuel levels and exterior integrity are but a few of the many items to consider, the mechanical systems in the home are the heart and soul of the property and left unchecked are often times the origin of larger issues.
We have a plumber we’ve used for years. Can we still use him or do we need to go through Nauset Management?
Absolutely; trade talent in our corner of the world is immense. My role in a management capacity is to identify and resolve issues. While I call on a vast pool of time tested contractors, subs and vendors I’ve worked with for years, I’ve met many valuable resources through actual customers. I don’t mark up third party support which leaves my best interest in yours.
We need to have a Fair Plan inspection. Can you take care of this?
We encourage customers to have inspectors, vendors or delivery companies to contact us directly so that we may schedule entry. More often than not, these brief visits are coordinated with a scheduled inspection thus waiving the requested visit fee.
How long have you been in business?
Like many, my home watch business started as a favor to a construction customer and spread through word-of-mouth starting in 1998.
How do I get started?
Our business starts and ends at the home. Call today and schedule a no obligation conversation.