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Not born, but raised in Orleans, my family roots go back to the 40’s with my grandparents owning and operating Camp Tonset, a boys summer camp which occupied many acres off of Champlain Rd. While the camp is long gone, the spirit that it embodied is still very much alive. Growing up on the Cape instilled many of the ideals the camp represented, a love of the beach, respect for the ocean and the power of community. However, it took leaving the cape to fully appreciate what a privilege it was to be raised in Orleans and what a joy it is to once again call it my home.

After living all over the country from San Francisco to Greenwich to Puerto Rico to Palm Beach, I returned to Cape Cod in 2010 to be near family and friends and raise my twin boys. I received my Real Estate Salesperson License nearly 7 years ago, shortly after my partner and I opened the doors at his Design-Build-Development firm. Having spent years on the development side of the industry it only seemed natural to represent not only our own real estate interests, but those of others as well. My experience in custom home building from the ground up, inside and out, has given me a great appreciation for the process and a unique perspective and insight to real estate. I love everything from property acquisition, design and planning, through to construction and finishes. I aim to guide my buyers to find the right fit and my resources will navigate the appropriate channels to ensure just that. These same relationships allow me to generate a considerate sales approach for my sellers to maximize marketability and profits. I firmly believe my knowledge, passion, and resources translate into an unconventional and refreshing experience for my clients.

Whether purchasing or selling, the process should represent an exciting and rewarding new chapter. I will always direct my efforts to make the journey as seamless as possible and I stand behind my integrity and commitment to building client relationships that will last long after the ink has dried.

Please contact me via phone, text or email to discuss what we can do together.