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An unpretentious approach to buying and selling with a broker who brings 30 years of construction and management experience to the process.
“He is simply outstanding at what he does.” S Floren
“You don’t strike me as the Realtor type.” W Harrington
While I’ve been showered with some truly shameless plugs over the years, this one holds a special place in my heart as it reaffirms the commitment I made to myself long ago having stepped into the stereotypical world of real estate.

Over 20 years of deep and diverse commercial and residential construction supervision and property management experience has always kept me in close proximity with real estate and second home owners but before expanding into real estate sales, my unflappable intention was to leverage that resume into an unparalleled buying and selling experience in the lower and outer cape markets.

The bar was moved again when Nauset Management achieved its next milestone of becoming its own brokerage where those relative experiences and lifelong local insight were further enhanced by boldly going where few agents and brokers dare consider to explore and that is giving back. As management customers tend to evolve into friends after a few seasons, those who have entrusted me with their home-away-from-home for upwards of two decades are on the edge of family. These bonds fostered a more intimate and unpretentious approach to real estate far detached from the garden variety mechanical paper process.

My Sellers: On the listing side of the table, I cover each innocuous fee that gets us to closing. From the septic and smoke inspection, meter reads, final water bill… there is no death by a thousand pin pricks via expenses. I have coordinated if not participated in clean outs, secured and directed movers, mitigated inspection findings and solicated any number of quotes as means to counter offered allowances for findings or complete negotiated repairs in-house. As most listings originate from my management base, each one is as personal as the next. While a victory to most, a closing to me is always an exercise in saying good-bye to a friend and that impact always justifies my approach.

My Buyers: On the purchase front, I am more than qualified to speak to the structural feasibility of desired renovations while possessing the ability to provide a quote for each step of the process. More often than not, one or more subs will accompany me during the inspection process in order to work up quotes to be initiated and managed after closing. At closing, my buyers also realize a rebate on costs for all requested inspections as well as a $ 1,000.00 credit toward management service should they wish to engage going forward. In either event, Nauset Management buyers rest assured that I am forever at their disposal after the sale in a consulting or referral capacity be it a central air installation or the inside track on an area restaurant.

My approach to second home owners, in both a management and real estate capacity, has always been looked upon through the lens of the long game where relationships are earned and trust is established through unmatched service and consistency. You’ll never receive a scratch ticket from me on the anniversary of your sale but you’ll always find an answer at the other end of the line. I look forward to working with you!