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about nauset management

Born and raised on the elbow of the Cape and making second homes my first priority since 1998.
“So rare and one of a kind!” W Lawson

As a lifelong resident of the outer Cape I was the third generation to pick up the mantel in the family construction business. In my early twenties, I called the Cape my home on weekends as I spent several years working for a variety of off-Cape commercial construction companies. My site supervision resume includes two supermarkets, two HUD projects, a funeral home and a handful of steel industrial buildings as well as various restaurant and office remodels.

Prior to striking out on my own, I accepted a short-term state contract as an inspector and damage claim consultant for the Cape and Islands subsidized housing pool wrapped around several years as a lead for two award winning area contractors.

Like many full and part-time home watch businesses starting up in recent years, mine began as a non-profit favor for a customer in a loosely related industry and slowly grew through word-of-mouth. Over the past decade, and by design, day-to-day construction duties have devolved into selective consultation and supplanted by real estate representation.

No different than most Cape businesses, the area’s supply of home watch companies consists of a wide range of groups in terms of cost, coverage area, relative experience and various services provided in house and of course those which may be farmed out. At Nauset Management, it’s understood that your home and the trust you extend to a home watch company are both highly sensitive issues. It is my sincere hope that you review our services and those offered by others and make the choice that best suits your needs while lending the greatest peace of mind.


State Police Watch Guard Lic #95

MA RE Broker Lic #9564522

RE Business Lic #423117

Construction Supervisor Lic #67954

Home Improvement Reg #2243345

Surety Bonded [3]

Dishonesty Bonded

Professional Liability Insured

Errors & Omissions Insured

Construction Liability Insured



L. & K. Johnson - Eastham/Northborough MA

We have worked with Jon over the past ten years both during the construction of our home in Eastham as well as the management of the property to date. Jon is a skilled builder and project manager. This experience allows him to coordinate the services necessary to manage repairs and any urgent situations. We have had several issues with summer rentals and they were all remedied immediately. Best of all, it is not just the major problems that get attention…Jon will respond to the screen door that a child has put his hand through or the dishwasher that decided to break during the one week of summer vacation on the beach!

We highly suggest you trust and secure your property and assets with Nauset Management. Our experience has been nothing short of quality, timeliness and most of all, honest work. Please do not hesitate to contact for more details.