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Original Owner/Operator: Building a customer base rather than buying a list of names, while a much longer process, has been an invaluable one in that the experiences spread out over consistent growth naturally shaped the Nauset Management model which remains the most user friendly and cost conscious approach in the home watch business today.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured: We’re in the minority here as very few home watch providers are properly licensed bonded and insured. For additional information regarding the State Police Home Watch license or various forms of bond and insurance, please visit the “Credentials” link.

Restricted Service Area: With a commitment to never outgrow the quality of service Nauset Management was founded on, an unflappable loyalty to serving the smallest area in the market remains to this day. Casting a broader net requires additional staff, a wider network of third party support, increased costs and a proportionate disconnect with coordination, communication and customer expectations.

No Fee Storm Follow-Ups: As a byproduct of working in a confined area, any customer with an active schedule is subject to unlimited and as needed no fee pre and post storm follow up checks. During periods of adverse weather conditions or sustained power outages, it is not uncommon for homes to be checked multiple times in a 24 hour period.

Real Time Reporting: Understanding full well that the notion of no news being good news lends little relief, real time and actual weather conditions are conveyed before, during and after a notable weather event. Periodic updates are posted on the Nauset Management “Conditions” link while the same information is emailed to our customers directly. Again, being restricted to a smallest service area in the business affords Nauset Management the ability to deliver clear and concise information in a timely fashion.

Terms and Conditions: We have none. At Nauset Management you won’t find term contracts mandating minimum durations of service or packages named for area landmarks better suited for the local deli board; instead we offer three levels of frequency to include, bi-weekly, weekly or two-a-week service which may be used in any combination for any period of time. In addition, our customers have the ability to alter, suspend or terminate a service agreement with as little effort as phone call.

Prorated Billing: Should a planned or last minute visit coincide with an otherwise scheduled check, and provided notice is given, the check is waived and the fee prorated in the month ending invoice.
24 Hour Emergency Service: After 19 years in the business, one certainty is that emergencies don’t always abide by the standard 9-5 be it mother nature or a garden variety renter. If a live answer from someone who knows your name and property is on your checklist, look no further than Nauset Management.

Reasonable Rates: With a highly efficient business model, restricted service area and relentless attention and effort paid to customer satisfaction and retention, Nauset Management offers the most reasonable rates in the business while lending owners unparalleled flexibility.

Real Estate Representation: Closing the loop is in-house buyer, seller and investment property representation.