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property management

From a new house to an elusive mouse, Nauset Management enjoys a deep and diverse network of time-tested contractors and vendors.
“He even found me an insurance agent willing to insure a vacant house.” A Whitelaw

Bridging the gap between watch and purchase or sale is management; perhaps more specific, management of maintenance. Blessed with a wildly diverse background in commercial and residential construction, I’ve had both the benefit and misfortune of running through, over and around scores of vendors and sub-contract labor and the result is my ability to enjoy a deep and diverse network of proven trades and it should be noted there is no shortage of area talent in every conceivable scope of work.

I take an entirely different approach to service and support. While many prop up one-stop shopping through in-house services as a convenience, lost in the offering is parody in pricing, talent or required license and insurance which may be required from one scope to the next.

I do not mark-up sub contract labor. Unconventional perhaps yet by forgoing a mark-up, my customers rest assured that our collective best interests are shared. Forging lasting and trusting relationships usually begins with giving homeowner’s wallets a break. In addition, owners with one or more preferred trades in any given capacity are never beholden to utilize an alternate party. I’ve met more than a handful of now invaluable resources through my base over the years and never saw the need to hang 18% on the efforts of others.

From a new house to an elusive mouse, my role in a genuine management capacity is to put the right people in the right place at the right time be it a preconceived project, mitigating an act of nature, mechanical failure, knocking down an inspection list on behalf of a real estate seller or knocking down a kitchen wall on behalf of a buyer, Nauset Management is well equipped to plug in and manage talent wherever an owner may be lacking a viable resource.