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A moratorium on new and/or the expansion of pre-existing natural gas service for several Cape Cod towns has gone into effect and may last until 2019. The actual towns’ subject to the five year window of down time varies from report to report but the popular consensus shows Yarmouth to Eastham as the popular targets.

Evidently it has just now become apparent that pressure issues exist within the current infrastructure. National Grid assures existing businesses and residents that there are no safety concerns yet new customers will be frozen out so as to not compromise the quality of service i.e. enough gas/pressure in the lines for those who currently rely on natural gas.

Beyond new conversions, upgrades such as the addition of a natural gas generator will not be available. Customers contemplating a conversion to natural gas are encouraged to switch over to propane as the propane to natural gas conversion is far less painful than an oil to natural gas conversion.

Natural gas has been a cleaner and far more cost effective heating source in recent years. That said, there is little doubt that once the $ 50 million upgrade estimated by National Grid is spread around, oil should once again return as the darling amongst run away home heating sources.