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I go to great lengths in keeping politics out of the general day-to-day interaction with customers but I’ve had a nagging issue with the Lowe’s issue from top to bottom and it has nothing to do with a store that would allegedly create so much demand that the Cape’s only clover leaf couldn’t handle the traffic. Apparently that’s the stand of area competitors. For my money, I’d beg for a traffic issue thus making my store more appealing not unlike paying a couple bucks more at the corner store on the way home rather than hold your breath and head into Stop & Shop on any given day in July but I digress.

My primary issue lies in the increasing overreach of the Cape Cod Commission. In the case of Lowes, I find it patently preposterous that a “delegate” on the outer or upper Cape or anywhere in between, save for Dennis in this case, has a say in what impacts a specific township right, wrong or indifferent.

I recently received an email from Ronald Beaty. While I’m not familiar with Mr. Beaty, his email had made me aware that there’s a grass roots effort Cape wide suggesting towns exclude themselves from the Commission; almost implying that these simple town folk without no fancy book learnin’ just might be able to make informed decisions on their own. I applaud this initiative for what it encourages which is a consensus, kind of like a democracy.

While the Commission and it’s purpose may not be entirely reduced to bluster and influence, I would suggest that rather than each town having a delegate, they instead have a liaison. If anyone in any town has a vested interest or concern with a project in a neighboring town, they simply register a vote at their local town hall. In turn, the liaison presents the consensus of the people to the other mini politicians and they in turn act accordingly.

To contact Mr. Beaty for information pertaining to petitions, he may be reached at [email protected]

For even more information , the phone number is 508-685-2921.