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I’m Not On Your Vacation – I’m not sure what think tank this gem came from but if you can hold down a job or  have enough gray matter to fill out an application for a library card, there is a reasonably good chance that you understand, be it directly or through various degrees of separation, that you are in fact touched by the tourism market and/or by extension, the second home owner.

The message: To digress briefly, I’ve always been paralyzed by the tag line “shop us last, you’ll love us.” I for one would love you more if you saved me the time up front. I’m Not On Your Vacation. Consider using this in a verbal exchange then consider the guy who is not with the vacationing party. What kind of man or woman must this be where the slightest interaction or delay with the common tourist could trip off a catastrophic chain of events. Even if you were to cull out the segment of bumper stickers that held critical vehicle parts together and/or represented the most valuable aftermarket accessory on the vehicle, I still can’t imagine that all of those cars in the balance belong to the Pope, on call Navy Seals or selectmen.

Regardless of your station in life, whether you simply need a pack of smokes and a Red Bull without all the stop and go hassles or if people may actually die if some lookilou isn’t poised to prevent oncoming traffic from taking a left, what possible sense does it make to have this silly sticker on the back of your vehicle? If anyone behind you, be it a wicked seasoned local, tourist or even a Yankee fan is reading this, aren’t you in fact holding him or her up?