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With a steady diet of updates on the “Conditions” link, the general board has been admittedly neglected since heading into the new year and no doubt many have been hand wringing in anticipation of political happenings amongst the local power bases or wondering whether man or beast claims the off road trails for a majority of the summer.

May Day, May Day… or Memorial Day as it were…is upon us, at least the countdown. Over the years, while repeatedly astonished, I’ve grown to accept the Memorial Day Apocalypse. It’s that time honored three day weekend where a frantic race to this end all/be all weekend peaks with frayed nerves, all together too many last minute add on projects, varying degrees of disappointment among trades followed by pure exhaustion and then… well then everyone goes home for a month and we repeat the cycle.

This year in particular, a good majority of the area talent across a myriad of scopes, while facing the same uphill deadlines, is also swimming against the tide courtesy of Mother Nature via a very late jump on what is normally referred to as spring. Before learning to temper building projects as my management base grew, I use to run on that hamster wheel and while the push and grind is never a pleasure cruise, miracles happen, everyone manages to button up, no one gets hurt and life moves on and this year should be no different.

As recently as a week ago, a switch was seemingly flipped where the temperatures started heading north, vegetation began to bloom and the highways and byways became adorned with a kaleidoscope of Spandex colors as bikers and throngs of folks who only run while on vacation to relax collectively shed the grey days of winter and reclaimed the streets.

For Nauset Management customers, a special thank you for the trust and calm over our eight week blizzard in particular. For those rotating out of the schedule for the next couple of months, enjoy and know that we’re always a phone call away. Renters… a new round of frivolity is upon us and we’re trading snow for boarders! In either event, have a safe and enjoyable summer; and thank you all!