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According to the Massachusetts Crime Statistics data gathered from cityrating.com Orleans and Eastham are projected to see an uptick in reported crimes in 2013 while Massachusetts as a whole is predicted to trend downward.

Among the number of categories, I’ve culled out those pertaining primarily to property.

In 2010, Orleans recorded 51 burglaries, 164 larceny/theft and 7 vehicle thefts for a total of 222 property crimes. The projected numbers for 2013 are 72 burglaries [+ 21], 171 incidents of larceny/theft [+ 7] and an adjusted 6 vehicle thefts [-1] for a revised total of 249 property crimes.

In 2010, Eastham realized 7 burglaries, 66 larceny/theft and 0 vehicle thefts for a total of 73 property crimes. The forecast for 2013 shows 14 burglaries [+7], 81 cases of larceny/theft [+ 15] and 1 vehicle theft [+ 1] for a total of 96 projected property crimes.

According to this report, property crime in Orleans is expected to see an upward trend from 2010 where those statistics represented a 22.17% rate higher than the national average. For Eastham, an uptick from 2010 is also forecasted; however, Eastham’s 2010 numbers were 54.06% lower than the national average.