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When I created Nauset Management in 1998, I was an established builder which afforded me the ability to remain loyal to the most restricted service area in the business. In turn, and in spite of developing a model that offers the most flexible, straight forward and reasonably priced service in today’s market, that restricted service area no doubt added several years to the base building process.

As a self professed detail freak with an obsession for analytics, that slow growth by design is accountable for the Nauset Management approach and all of the success that has come with it. Rather than buy a list of names or attempt to service an unrealistic region, my base and I grew with one another and no doubt spared many a hard lesson.

Beyond a restricted service area, Nauset Management also caps customer volume. Barring a sale or retirement move among my “flock,” that cap has 18 spots under it heading into fall.

In recent years, the home watch and management markets have simply exploded from the 3-4 regulars from days gone by. Today’s second home owner now finds him or herself herding cats as dozens of start ups, subsidiaries, divisions… have thrown a hat in the ring. To those starting out or still building their base, I would encourage you to always be relentless when striving to learn from your customers and stay ahead of the curve.

With that said, I thought it would as fun as it would be educational to incentivize feedback. For any new customer that has a relative question for which an answer cannot be found on the Nauset Management site, your first month at any frequency is on the house.

Regardless of how the availability numbers move in the short term, advice, referrals and your ability to subscribe to real time weather updates on the conditions link will always remain a duty free courtesy for anyone in need.